Sunday, February 5, 2012

3 Short Essays on Friendship

-                                   - 1 -=   Best Friends Forever   =

My BFF tells me she can't quite place my vaguely
familiar name.*  I don't think this disqualifies her
as my BFF - as long as I'm constant and don't bother
her about it.

(If I kept reminding her of it, I'd be a stalker, not a BFF.)

*She also admitted my picture rang a distant bell.

=                                 =  2 =    Classic  Hollywood   

Howard Hawks saw friendship as action-oriented,
based on a common goal, preferably survival when
it's in doubt.  John Ford saw friendship as something
realized after the fact, after the confusion of motives
and misunderstandings give way to a mythologizing

                                       3           Books

Trolling through the free treasures available in the
Kindle Store and on the internet, I thought about how
much things had changed since Lincoln had to walk
miles to borrow and return a book.

Still at 3am in a hospital room when your pain
medication has worn off but you're not yet eligible
for more, a book can be your only friend as much
as it was for lonely Abe reading by the fire after
everyone else had gone asleep.
-                                       =                                        =

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