Monday, March 5, 2012

Where've You Been?

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For those of you wondering at my long lay off
from this blog, I've been correcting proofs and
wondering, Is there no end to error?

The Search For One Who May Not Want To Be 
Found is in the hands of the printer, and I'm
starting a series of blogs to answer the question,
Who Was Erdnase?

The answer is we don't know.  He wrote under
a pseudonym and his full identity remains a mystery.
ARTIFICE,  RUSE  & ERDNASE* is about the
attempts to solve the mystery, my own efforts included.

He is an enigmatic figure, a lively writer notable for
a bracing honesty and an unfairly forgotten part
of Chicago history.  In the postings to come, I'll go
into all that about S. W. Erdnase which fascinates us.

*S. W. Erdnase was the author of The Expert at the Card Table,
also known as Artifice, Ruse & Subterfuge at the Card Table

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