Saturday, November 3, 2012

River North Chicago

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There's a block along Huron taken up almost entirely by a Whole
Foods.  There are almost always two pandhandlers on the block,
one at either end of the block.  Both are usually silent and sit with
bowed heads while wearing a sign explaining his predicament.

One day there was a third man, standing near though not exactly
in front of the store.  He had a can and clipboard indicating he
was raising money for a cause other than himself.

As I came closer I was relieved to see he was only approaching
women.  I was safe from solicitation.  As I came near I heard him
say to one lady, "Are you and I going to get together tonight."

"I'm afraid not, " she said, barely registering his presence as
she passed.

"That's a sad shame," he said cheerfully.

I'm sure she felt differently about the matter.

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Irene E. McDermott said...

Chicago snapshot. Very good.