Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Money in Politics

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Given the fact that so much of the Super-Pac money spent
by the Republicans was spent of the losing side, many
are arguing that money in politics doesn't mean that much
after all.

But commentators may be looking at the wrong end of the
primaries.  In retrospect, some GOPers are saying Jon
Jon Huntsman was their strongest candidate.  Given that
he was the only moderate, you'd think he'd place at least
second or third  from the beginning.  There's only one catch.
He didn't have enough money to make a credible candidate.

Money won't seal the deal for a weak candidate, but
lack of money will slam the door for a strong candidate
who doesn't have enough.  Simply put:  a strong but
cash poor candidate has no chance.  Big money is still
the admission ticket to politics; and we're talking lots
of money:  remember Huntsman is rich, and his father
put quite a bit of money into his campaign.

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Irene E. McDermott said...

True enough. Still, given the inchoate fury of the Tea Party, I don't think that a moderate like Huntsman stood a chance.

Cease fire in Gaza today. Go, Hillary! Can you imagine what Romney would have done with this conflict? Troops on the ground?