Monday, September 17, 2012

Do the Chicago Teachers Know What They're Doing?

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Setting aside the merits of the teachers' demands, there are
among the ways the CTU handled the events of the weekend
some troubling signs that the Teachers union doesn't
know why they are striking or what they will settle for.  


  1. The Union Leadership led Chicago Parents to believe the strike was largely settled and that school would resume Monday Morning.  Then it turns out their membership is so far from being happy with the proposal that they're not even ready to vote it up or down.
  2. The Leadership doesn't even meet with the delegates until Sunday afternoon, allowing the false impression to linger almost all weekend that schools will reopen Monday, again adding on to the pressure on parents at the last moment to find day care alternatives.
  3. The impression is that the Leadership is now flying by the seat of its pants, not sure what the goals of the strike are.  Chicago Public Schools have to deal with a moving set of targets from the teachers.

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Irene E. McDermott said...

Public relations nightmare.