Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chicago Street Incident

•                                 ••                                 •

I was coming back from the grocery, my cane of
course in my right hand, trailing a little cart with
my left.  I had entered the cross walk at the inter-
section of Eugenie and Wells.  I was having a little
difficulty maneuvering the cart and my head was

Looking up I was headed right at young woman
on her cell phone.  She was looking straight at me.
In a moment her eyes de-focused and she shifted
her eyes to my right.  She didn't change her path.

I moved right, and we passed without incident, but
in that moment her eyes lost their focus I could see
that she had absolutely no interest in me as a human
being.  She made no adjustment for me.

 I might as well not have been there.

Maybe she wasn't really there.

•                                 ••                                 •

1 comment:

Irene E. McDermott said...

Ah, she was on her phone and thus her mind was elsewhere. Also, we middle-aged people are invisible to younger ones, for ill and good. She behaved poorly. That has no effect on our visibility.