Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Picture of Self-Importance

Photo by Luke Sharrett, NY Times 6/21/12

Rarely does a photograph capture a group attitude as effectively as 
this Luke Sharrett photo captures the feeling of  self-importance of  
these congressional staffers and committee chairman, Darrell Issa, 
pictured on the monitor on the wall.  

This attitude is all the most noteworthy in that this committee 
meeting is a farce, a case of Congress pretending to govern in the 
absence of actually governing.  Rather than dealing with our actual 
problems, the GOP is pursuing Atty. General in an exercise likely 
to invoke the attitude of "a plague on both your houses" from the 
public at large while not really distracting attention from real 
issues, such as housing and the environment, being ignored.  

What is so impressive about Sharrett's photo is that it shows 
congressional aides acting as if these inconsequential proceed-
ings are important - and so by extension they are important - 
not so much to convince others as to try to convince themselves.  

Good luck!
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imcdermott said...

Wise commentary on this telling shot. Issa's grandstanding will not stand.