Friday, June 1, 2012

Zucker Punch

Do You Trust Mark Zuckerberg With Your Data?
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If nothing else, the Face Book IPO transfer of wealth from
users of the site to its owner, should give everyone a chance
to reconsider whether he or she still feels comfortable on
Face Book.

The fact that Zuckerberg has been the invisible man since
he made so much money and his small investors lost
so much should raise the question, "Do I really want to
let this guy monetize my life?"

Especially troubling is the way Zuckerberg fought for the
right of small investors to ...

become suckers.

By sharing with insiders FB's doubts about the stock while
pushing the initial price up, Face Book pulled off
a massive insider trade, mainly at the expense of its own
individual users.

If Zuckerberg is willing to treat his users/small investors
this way, what qualms will he have about squeezing every
dime he can out of the data he collects?   What need will the
boy wonder, who has said not a word since his IPO debacle,
feel to be accountable to the FB Users whose lives he is
turning into dollar signs?

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