Saturday, May 12, 2012

Endangered Genre: The Thank You Note

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I recently saw a thank you note which impressed me as the 
closest thing to a masterpiece of the genre as I have seen.  
I received the permission of the writer to post the letter here. 

Dear --

As I am sure is evident, I am writing this thank you note with my
new --  -- pen.  I do love owning two of these pens as I'm really 
never without one.  When M-- saw I had two, he immediately asked,
"Now can I use one every once and awhile?'' To which I without 
hesitation said, "no."  I really do love the heft and smoothness of 
these pens.  Plus, it would not be an exaggeration to say I think 
about you every time I used them, which in and of itself makes
me happy.    Thank-you also for the chocolate covered strawberries.  
They were spectacular in every way.  They looked great, tasted
great, and there were plenty to share.  The strawberries were huge.
I've never seen anything like them.  It was a very thoughtful gift -
yummy, but not decadent - and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

Finally, thank you for the autographed copy of [your book].  
P-- & I are both about halfway through,  and enjoying 
the book immensely. Although I did think it was customary to 
dedicate magic books to the --, I quickly overcame my sadness
when I saw the personalized autograph. I love reading a book by 
someone I know and love.  It's a unique reading experience and 
a lot of fun. I love you all very much and am grateful for you 
every day.  Xo xo.  

It's a wonderful letter.  It has the one indispensable element all
thank you notes must have to be truly effective: at least one
specific reference to the gift given; but the writer transcends the
ordinary thank you note when she writes, "... it would not be an 
exaggeration to say I think about you every time I used them, 
which in and of itself makes me happy."  This is much nicer than
just saying I love you.  There are many forms of love out there,
not all of them very interesting or even constructive, but to say
to someone, even the thought of you makes me happy is to say,
"You are a blessing.  You are a true blessing in my life."

What more could any of us wish to be? 

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Jean Lotus said...

Jim, You were a blessing in all of our lives. Jean