Thursday, May 3, 2012

4 Ages Through a Mirror

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This Friday Night, 4 Ages Through a Mirror, a poem 
of mine set to music by the inimitable Natasha Bogojevich
will premiere at the New Music DePaul Concert. 

It will be sung by the wonderful soprano Olga Bojovic,
accompanied by Kristijian Civilak on the piano.   

This concert will take place at DePaul University School of 
Music Concert Hall,  804 West Belden Avenue in Chicago.
8 pm.

The admission is FREE and the parking is available in Lot K 
(directly in front of the School of Music).

4 Ages Through A Mirror

By Hurt McDermott

Canto I: "The Blake Baby"

The youngest girl I ever met
Was nursed on mother's milk and William Blake.
All the other babes took her for a flake,
Because she never cried when she got wet;
But in her unweaned innocence
Chalked it up to experience.

Part II : "Amphibians Lost"

"Help me" cried the little frog
Which the girl had mistaken for a lump in a bog,
"Excuse me, but you're sitting on my head."
But late did he croak it, and he was dead.

The adolescent girl mourned the frog
And kept to her bed like a bump on a log.
Thinking on that encounter always made her wince,
Knowing she had inadvertently smothered her prince.

Book III: "Ambivalence Regained"

"Help me," cries the disappointed triple threat,
"Do men also suffer such keen regret
Knowing that no matter what choices they made
There's no escaping the one bed in which they're laid?"

Volume IV: "Sybil Tyger"

The oldest woman in the world
Loves her future short and pure.
Baldy Lox is her name:
Fiercely proud, outwardly tame
Unless she hears another nears her age
In which case she shakes in a jealous rage.
Her one ambition all diseases cure.
She attacks the Sybil, her dentures unfurled.

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