Friday, January 20, 2012

Stephen Colbert's Run For President

What makes Stephen Colbert's run for President different
than every other comedian who has run for President as
an act of satire is the presence of  real money.

Once Colbert convinced people to actually send his PAC
real money, he entered into an unprecedented realm of
post-modernism.  What's especially remarkable about
this is that most of the money is coming from contributors
who do not share his character's political views.

It's hard to know what motivates people in these tough
economic times to give money to a performer to mock
the system.  Is it the desire to be part of something
larger than one's self?   Is it a protest against the system?

Maybe in the end, it's a desire to make clear how absurd
our political system has become, in the wake of
the Citizens United decision, a refusal to play along
with the mainstream media that this huge apparatus that
has become our election process makes any sense at
all.  Or maybe it's just because he asked for it?

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