Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stephen Colbert vs Citizens United

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After attracting 1% of the vote to Herman Cain* - more than the combined total of all the other drop-out candidates and still more even when you add in all the votes Cain had received in previous contests  -  Stephen Colbert drops his run for the Presidency of the United States. 

Why?  Really there was no place further to push his satire after his rally in Charleston on Friday:

Rhetorically asking himself if his candidacy was just a big joke, he pointed out that if you think his ability to raise unlimited amounts of money from undisclosed sources, including foreign donors, and then being able to spend it anyway a supporting-but-of-course-non-coordinating Super PAC liked is a joke, then our whole campaign financing system in the United States is a joke.

Colbert's Speech in South Carolina

In the best tradition of show-don't tell, Colbert has skewered Citizens United and the John Roberts Supreme Court which keeps on competing with Roger Taney's for the worst Supreme Court in American History.

*Since Colbert ran too late to get on the ballot and South Carolina has no provision for write-in candidates, he asked his supporters to vote for Herman Cain.

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