Monday, October 18, 2010

End of Democracy

James Madison and others of the Founding Fathers believed that
inevitably our Republic would eventually turn into an oligarchy*.
With the help of the Supreme Court, I think the time is arriving
with alarmingly little alarm.

Republicans are outspending Democrats 9:1.  Most of this spending is
coming from anonymous sources such as corporations who officially
have no party affiliation, but which just all seems to line up against the
Democrats.  How can the two party system survive such lack of parity?

Money rules in America.  Even the Tea Party members want to
keep receiving their Social Security Checks and Medicare Benefits.
I don't see how even the little choice we get from the two party
system can be maintained.

This year is a water shed.  Soon the Democrats will just lead the list
of underfunded non-mainstream parties, such as the Greens and the

* Oligarchy: rule of the rich, a political system in
which the wealthy hold all power.

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