Friday, October 29, 2010

The Death of Declan Sullivan

Graham Greene once wrote that the sign of a
Christian Society is not one without sin, but
one with a divided conscience.

So far Notre Dame's response to Declan Sullivan's death
from its football coach's obvious negligence shows
the same depressing united-front-refusal-to take-responsibility
mentality you would expect from any secular institution.

Fr. Tom Doyle in his homily at Sullivan's memorial
mass went for uplift when repentance was called for.
Fr. John Jenkins, the President of Notre Dame had
passed the unpleasant task to him.
Notre Dame no doubt is worried about itself as an institution,
but it's a depressing spectacle none the less to see football
become so important at a Christian institution that a boy
dies, and no one will step forward and say, "This should
never have happened.  I am so sorry.  Lord, forgive me.

Forgive us all.  Amen."

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