Friday, July 23, 2010

WFMT Cancels The Romantic Hours

I am a big fan of WFMT.  I am not shy about saying
it is clearly the best radio station I know of in the
United States.  I give money regularly to keep it
going.  I'd like to suggest the slogan to
Steve Robinson:

WFMT, Chicago's Gift to the Nation

but I have to strongly lament the canceling of
The Romantic Hours.  It's ironic they did it
so soon after their poetry month, because it
was the one show on the air that consistently
featured poetry - and not the dozen classics
you always hear either.

Beyond that, The Romantic Hours was a
truly bizarre and sometimes very affecting
hour of radio.  Where else could you hear
Cosima and Richard Wagner exchanging
letters admitting that all they truly wanted to
do was die, but of course they had a duty to
live while Siegfried Idol played in the background?

Mona Golabek is a completely committed
host, and it doesn't matter that the taste of
the show isn't always impeccable, it always
delivered a slice of our cultural history you
could get no where else; and it was perfectly
positioned at midnight on Saturday, bringing
the week to a contemplative end.

Please go to WFMT's contact page
and let them know if you'd like to
bring The Romantic Hours back.
Lets show the power of this blog,
and the untold millions who read it.


Untold, forward.
 _                             !

1 comment:

Andrew Patner said...

Truly bizarre, completely committed -- I'll buy those terms, Hurt!

(And it's "Siegfried *Idyll*" -- though Siegfried does become a sort of idol, I guess. ;-) )

Thanks for loving WFMT!

Andrew Patner