Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is There a Light Which Never Goes Out?

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Sitting in the Unicorn Cafe in Evanston yesterday
as they played There is a Light Which Never Goes Out
by The Smiths,  I suddenly found I had stopped
thinking about what I had come there to think about
and instead was wondering if this were true?  Is there
really a light which never goes out?

I came to the conclusion, yes, take consolation, it
must be true.  Of course if there is a God who has
given us the little light we enjoy for a short time
here, then the source of unquenchable light is obvious.

But even if we take it on faith there is no God,
the light that exists now came from somewhere,
or from some nothing perhaps, and even if this
expression of the light (this universe, these multiverses)
are someday extinquished, still the light will be
waiting to flicker on again at least as a possibility
already realized once.

The older I get the more practical Nietzche's idea of
Eternal Return seems.  Eventually everything
must happen again - and again after that of course,
ad infinitum - unless there is a God strong enough
to bring closure to the whole!  The girl I kissed in
the woods in high school, I will someday kiss again.
And again after that ...

Kundera thought it depressing that we repeat the
same mistakes forever, but the recurrence of this life
doesn't mean we don't also enjoy subtle variations,
perhaps marrying that girl and enjoying years of
wedded bliss over and over again in a parallel current
of eternal return.

In my play UNDER THE BIG BLUE MOON, a young
lady asks her aunt if she believes people can ever come
back from the dead.

--Yes, the aunt replies, because when a person is created
a whole host of possibilities is created for her life.
Sometimes God brings someone back to live out one
of the neglected possibilities.   

The Aunt ends thecact by asking,
That makes sense, my dear, doesn't it?

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