Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Loneliness of Obama

I have to say that I am very disappointed that
as Obama has had to deal with a tide of hatred
that no recent president, including Bill Clinton,
has ever had to deal with before, so many
natural supporters feel comfortable abandoning
him, because he has not done enough.

When I look at how out of touch with reality
both sides of the vocal political spectrum are
at the moment, it makes me tremble for my
country in that history does not suffer fools

To keep from fanning the partisan flames
any higher, I won't discuss the delusions of
the right; but those on the left who wish for
Obama to do more, seem not to have any
understanding of the huge forces, both
inchoate and organized, arrayed against him -
not to mention the incredible difficulty of
the political problems he inherited.

When Obama was running, he took the calculated
risk of somewhat encouraging the messianic fervour
of some of his supporters.  Especially among the
young, many had hopes and expectations simply
not consistent with the political realities of the

It seems to me almost everyone underestimates
the potential for some violent outbreak in the
current climate of fear and resentment.  Obama's
political enemies are not going to stop attacking
him in vicious terms, wishing on him the worst
possible outcome they dare imagine. 

Meanwhile many liberals talk earnestly about why
they can't help being disappointed by his this or
that and turn their backs on him and somehow
don't seem to realize how alone Obama is or what
a tightrope he needs to walk, not only to survive
himself, but to keep the body politic from
exploding into ungovernably divisive rancor.

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